Is The Price Catogory For My Apps Too Much?

1) Fitness App With Loads Of Feature like alarm schedule , distance , calorie , fitness center , weather and more features to be added…

Price: 1800 rs / 24$

What It Includes : aia , adding your requests in the app max 2 , customization

2) Attendance App Linked With Google Sheets , Qr Code Auth

Price : 2000rs / 27$

What It Includes : aia , adding your requests in the app max 2 , customization

Which is the price resonable for my apps??
Please comment and tell!!

Don’t mind but the price according to the UI is high because Only features doesn’t decide the price your UI needs a lot improvement.
And don’t ask to users to decide your hardwork price. Decide by your own because you made it. Well for reference you can check others apps price on freelance websites. But keep in mind it’s not a android studio project demanded by majority devs.


what more i can add to my ui?

You don’t have to add anything in UI. First clear your thoughts What exactly UI is and how it affects the User.
Learn basics of UI designing like color contrasts, Fonts, Sizes, Spaces, Backgrounds etc. You can refer the ready made UI’s on Dribble, Pinterest, Google etc.

Check these threads for more info . Top tools to make your UI Better - Guides / Resources - Kodular Community
Some useful websites for UI designing :man_dancing: - Guides / Resources - Kodular Community

i use almost all of them!

Well, Okay but keep improved because it’s not a 1 Day game it takes too much time to understand these things, You use Cardview mostly and with white bg only so I don’t think you understand the concept of UI.
But Best Of Luck.

ah yes i know you are telling me to use gradient bgs for card view for colour combinations … Thanks I Got It