Some useful websites for UI designing 🕺

Hi koders,
Yesterday I found some useful website for UI designing, so wanted to share that with you all

So, the first one is called Adobe Color. With this website you can extract gradient colours from an image, just upload the image and it will automatically extract the gradient colour for you

and you can use it in your project, it can even make colour platelet from images

The second website is called Lottie flow, here you can find amazing animated Lottie icons (json) for your project

The last website is called lord icon, Lord icon is a powerful library with 1700 animated icons.

here you can find some free illustrations and icons


Yash Sehgal


Thanks for sharing!! Useful stuff


Thanks @Yashsehgal022 for sharing. This will be very useful for ui design :slightly_smiling_face:

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