Is there a list of json dictionary?

How i can select specific text and show in label
i want to get title and show in label
“{"data":{"title"This is video title”","image":"https://image.png"}}"

You tried get Keys and get value ?

Title key is present inside the data key.

Have you learn the dictionary?

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I tried but got null

I don’t know about dictionary too much.
Please help me to get title and other text in different labels

Read the guide is very easy and wrote fine.
Anyway in your post there isn’t a " : " before the title value. Verify how you save data in the dictionary.
Ot you have made some error to paste code

{“data”:{“title”:“This is video title”,“image”:“https://image.png”}}”

Probably this will be the right code you have to see in your db structure.

Basically i got the text by using this code

(function() {
var data = new Object();
var content = new Object();

data.title = document.getElementsByClassName(“TitleClassName”)[0].innerText;
data.image = document.getElementsByTagName(“img”)[0].src;
para = document.getElementsByTagName(“p”);
for(var i = 2; i < para.length; i++) {
content[i] = para[i].innerText; }
var allData = new Object();

allData = {data};
return JSON.stringify(allData);