Is there a way to count number of session of a user?

I want to show a notification to a user after he opens the app for every second time or third time. How can I achieve that?

What did I try? I don’t know to where to start from!

Set blocks as;
WHen Screen1.Initialise, set the value of x in tinyDB to 1 + previous value of x. Now check if x=3 then show a notification.

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thanks for the solution.

but it would be great if you could guide me how to use it.
I tried and my app crashed.

Basically I want to use it In-App update. so as to show the notfication of update on the 3rd visit of user.


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i tried, but didn’t work :frowning:

Check it again. It should work.

tried the same with screen initialize.

But did not work!

Check again. Look at above. Blocks aren’t same and use it with screen initialise.

did u try the blocks?

I updated the blocks and tried but did not work!

Please reply if the solution is working or you!

clear TinyDB, then try again