Is there a way to find out the row number that a person is in?

Is there a way to find out the row number Where people’s information is an example
Ahmed row number 1
Saif row number 2
Qwerty row number 3
In the airtable database

Get The Column Containing Name.
Store it in a List.

Then in That List Search The Name.
Get it’s index Number.

That index Number Will Be The Row Number of That User.

But Several Users Can Have Same Name.
Try Unique ID instead.

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Can you explain an example in the pictures, please?

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Wait Let Me Make Blocks For it.
But That Will Be a Example.
No Spoon Feeding.


Call The Column Containing Name.

Then When Airtable Got Column Store The Value in a List.
blocks (1)
blocks (2)

Searching The Row Number of The User.
blocks (3)

Thank you very much my friend I don’t know who else i would have done

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