Is there Any Issue with Airtable?

I got an issue from last 2 days. I use airtable as my database. But when i try to add data, it store sometime, otherwise its loading…

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This is due to low function of airtable you can use spreadsheet

Thanks For Reply @Faraz_Firoz1
Is Spreadsheet Ext. Free or Paid?

Completely free

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That is free

I cant found download link in above Post and I Found that it is paid…

Wait I give you an extension

Plenty of free suggestions are there in community…

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Thank You @Still-learning and @Faraz_Firoz1 for Helping me to solve issue

@Faraz_Firoz1 this is against of our community guidelines. If you are the extension developer you can give directly the extension. If not you have to give the guide link in which it can be downloaded

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Ok I do not know about this thanks

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Don’t worry. I also experienced the same when I was a beginner so take it is easy :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I will remark the above post as solution now

Now please delete that flag I do not want to get any flag by community

This flag won’t reflect in your profile at any cost


Just delete the post

Ok thanks Keep Koding

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