It is possible to synchronize with Excel

Good morning my confreres.
Well I had a small question, which is as follows, and it is possible to make a registration app (with 4 data fields) that synchronizes with a table in Excel so that you can edit both there and kodular…
You would also be able to present this data in a list that changes automatically as new data is entered into the spreadsheet.
Thank you in advance for your attention.
And a blessed day from God to all…

Ass. Luiz

O componente Spreadsheet (Airtable) tem o mesmo funcionamento que o Excel

Tem monte de tutoriais aqui na comunidade

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Firstly, remember that the community language is English;

Secondly, I believe this could help …

I use the procedures in two of my projects.

Edit: I use Google Spreadsheet not Excel

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right thanks for the tip …
I’ll see what I can do here with Air table, Anything I ask here in the community …
Thank you so much for your help.:sweat_smile::+1::wink::+1: