Just a simple question

I have just uploaded my app to the store does it need to be approved first before it shows up?

No, you don’t need approve your app when you uploaded on the PlayStore.

not play store kodular store

Just Playstore you don’t need to approve your app, so you need to approve…

i want to know does my app need to be approved by ADMIN before it shows up in Kodular store

Yes, you need to take approval if you want to publish in Kodular Store.

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Thanks buddy how long does it take?

Good luck…

Assuming you’re talking about uploading to the Kodular Store (and not about ads approval), your apps don’t require any checks before they can be uploaded to the Store.

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Hi Vishwas,

in this case any idea why my app is not showing up? Called The This & That Store


I’m not very sure.
I’ll take a look.

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Thank you Vishwas

It looks like some functions (like search) are currently down.
Which category have you posted your app in?

Hi Vishwas i have posted in Shopping

Hi Guys my app is still not showing i see there is a couple of new apps but not mine?

my app name is The This & That Store.App

Please change your app package name.

Why must i change that is the name of my app?

Can you show me what package name have you give your app

The This & That Store

or are you looking for this one com.ttat.store but i cant see what is this got to do with uploading my app? and i can not change this its registered with firebase and other app stores

Are you sure that you changed app status to published from unpublished?
Because I recently browsed whole store but can’t find your app.
Did you follow all steps?
Can you send your dashboard screenshot?