Keystore sha1 and console google play

i don’t have the same key on google play and kodular console.
How to change it, because in the parameters you can only export one.
I have the key code which is on the console, but how do I transform it into a keystore file to put it in the parameters of kodular. Thanks

No need to upload it on have to added this on firebase auth sha2

Hello How to proceed ? What is the exact link? And my problem and on sha1 Thank you

If you are using firebase,
Then scroll down and find add fingerprint

what is the relationship between google play console and firebase?
my problem is that I can’t load my app on google play console, because it doesn’t have the same sha1

Overwrite kodular keystore with the keystore you’ve in Google Play.

How can I not get a file from Google?

You can download the current SHA-1 from Play Console.

How download?
on google play you can copy the SHA1 or download the certificate.
I need the SHA1 keystore (without using android studio)

I am not sure but you can try going to Settings in Kodular Creator and there is a SHA-1 key.

yes i have been in kodular creator settings, i can export or change the key.
But not from google play. From google play I am only copying a key: (SHA-1 certificate fingerprint
SHA1: 43: B2: …)
but not a file.

Then copy the code.
Sth like

and after copying what should I do?