How do i update SHA1 to Kodular

Hi, I used to create an app using Appgyser, which were uploaded on google play store as well. But, now I have switched to Kodular, but my Play Store giving me the error of App Signing, due to differences in SHA1 in both versions, so I want to change App Signing Key which is SHA1.

Can anybody from Kodular help me?

I’m not sure how Appgeyser works, but there should be an option for you to export your keystore.

Download the exported keystore file and upload it to Kodular from the File menu. Rebuild your APK from the Export menu and upload it to the Google Play console.

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Very unfortunately, they don’t provide the keystore which is used to sign your app. The reason they state here is “for legal reasons” but I don’t think this is the actual reason why they don’t provide keystore.


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