Know the length and width of the screen

How to know the length and width of the screen

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use these,



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Ya that’s a very basic answer,
You should have found that out yourself.


I want a real width and length

i have seen mostly users dont know about screen blocks,

This is old information

can you please describe about Real ? explain a little more what do you want Actually?

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No, It is up to date and relevant!

Yes what do you consider as "REAL"

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I have problems in the measurements
The problem exists in kodular so that in long phones the display is considered a major defect

So that when working element 20 * 20 and so on
Be a rectangle

for these you can use px not %, so there size will be rectangle, in these day mostly phones have width of 280 to 300 px, so try to be in these Limits, you box button etc must be in 280 px ,

@salem_m_s2021 I have already said that you should do a demo.aia that replicate this behavior

Probably the real pixel size of the phone

Never seen these phones with this sizes


i mean with all my test phones i set any button or image width to 280 or 300px so nearly phone screen width 85 to 90%