Kodular Account Timeline

Kodular Account Timeline

This topic will be used to notify for updates on Kodular Account, like a Release Notes topic


18th July 2018 | account.makeroid.io

Major Changes

  • Updated Design Libraries

    • Some new stuff with better experience
    • Lots of new details that you will really like
  • Redesigned Access Pages (Login, Signup, Reset Password, etc.)

  • Force all users to set a display name (a form will appear if you need to set a name)

  • Protected all forms with reCaptcha v3 (no need to check any box)

Bugs Fixed

  • Lots of bugs which weren’t reported have been fixed (I catched them while rewriting the code :sweat_smile:)

Home Page

  • New Reports card on Home

    • This is an automatic system that is triggered when something suspicious is found on your account (i.e.: payments fraud, ilicit activity). Having some reports can lend to an account suspension
      For example, if an user tries to alter the package of an extension been on free plan, a report will be recorded and staff will be notified
  • New Systems Status card on Home

Community Page

  • New Top Users cards (MVPs and New Users of Month)

IDE Page

  • Ability to buy Premium IDE Subscription (only for beta users by now)

10th August 2018 | account.makeroid.io

Bugs Fixed

  • Several critical bugs have been fixed

Access Page

  • New RememberMe Checkbox in Login Page to save session data

  • In Signup Page, “I accept the Terms of Service” is no longer checked by default


10th September 2018 | account.makeroid.io

Major Changes

  • Added “Live Users” in Makeroid Apps at Home Page

Bugs Fixed

  • A few bugs have been fxixed

13th January 2019 | account.kodular.io

  • Redesigned Home Dashboard

    • Added embeded Twitter and Facebook
    • Re-ordered some panels
  • Created Chameleon Ads panel under Creator

  • Re-sorted Navigation Items

  • Added useful notifications at the top-right corner

  • Added new social login providers

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Github
  • Creator login is now managed by Kodular Account

  • Upgraded Google Login system
    Google+ API has been deprecated, so now it uses Google Sign-In for Websites

  • Some bugs have been fixed