Kodular Account

[center] :makeroid: Makeroid Account :globe_with_meridians: [/center]

Makeroid has been officially launched and we proudly announce the Makeroid Account! :globe_with_meridians:


What is Makeroid Account?

Makeroid Account is a new way to manage Makeroid Data. It’s a website where you can control ALL Makeroid services and the data we manage about you
It also provides a centralized login system accross all Makeroid subdomains (except the Builder) making your life easier :wink:

What features does it have?

  • Centralized Login
    It provides a unique login for ALL Makeroid Services except the Builder (we are already working on implementing it here)

  • See your MakerChamp requirements of the Community
    Once you link your Community profile, and you are at least Trust Level 2, you will be able to see your requirements until becoming a MakerChamp!

  • Much more coming!
    This service is a “:warning: Working in Progress :warning:” website, as some stuff is not finished yet
    So, you can suggest which information would you like to see here :wink:


We have to say that this service was the latest one we were working on. It just came to our mind making it when we saw lots of different logins for different services, so we tried to unify them
And after achieving that, we tried to give more functions to it and we just came to this idea, so that’s why it’s not finished yet :sweat_smile:

Road Map

Implement Login System on Builder
[*] Finish Builder and IDE subpages
Option to remove ALL data from ALL services

This website tries to comply with the GDPR, providing a way to show you all data we have about yourself
We want to make Makeroid as simple as we can, so centralizing everything is a way of doing that. Some users might say that it’s not true, but in fact Makeroid Account is more or less the same as Google MyAccount, no? :slight_smile:

So, just enjoy it and see the new functions we will be adding to it :smile:

Hope you like this!
:makeroid: Team


Wait… So if we make it to 50 days required? Do you set us to a MakerChamp???

What do you mean?

When out of the 100 days, 50 are filled in the MakerChamp requirements, you set us to a MakerChamp after we’ve been here 50 days out of 100

now what is MakerChamp requirements??

What are MakerChamp Requirements?

See at account.kodular.io
Or here : Understanding Trust Levels

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We need a new or pre-existing roadmap update :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’m not kidding either, this post hasn’t been updated since the first launch of no longer existing Makeroid Account, but now the new Kodular Account.