Kodular Admob Ads Problem!

I am building an app in kodular. I was put an interstitial ads in first screen first time I tried with admob test ads unit to cheack that ads are loading or not but it’s not working but when i turn on the test mode it’s show an test ads but when Test mode is off it’s not showing ads? how can i solved this problem.

Lots of youtuber makes videos about kodular ads problem they says that kodular use their own ads unit in apps is that true?

If you tested that yourself, that’s a bad idea. If test ads appear, it’s fine. If the network has ads to serve, your app will get them. Do NOT use your apps without test mode turned on.

I was tried with kodular companion

Don’t. How hard is it to follow that?

The ads will work after next update.
Google deprecated old libs.
Wenn updated them for next Release.
Just wait


How much time it will be take to update?

O seconds.
Because we already updated them.

We release a new kodular version when we finished other things.
Ads are not priority.