Kodular app crashes on startup or when downloading a file

Hi guys!
I love Kodular. I think it is the best App Inventor version. I really like it. A few weeks ago, I have imported a .aia project from Thunkable and had no problems. I was developing and upgrading my app and it was working very good. This app is also published on the Play store. But today I was informed by users, that app crashes on every startup or when the user presses the “most important” button, it just closes without any errors.

I was reading discussions here and almost all developers had problems like that because of switching between screens. I have three screens but I switch to them only when the user presses a button. So there is nothing wrong with startup code.

So to tell you more about this app. On startup, it asks the server (API) for a specific resource and displays it in a spinner. And then, when the user presses the button it sends a request using Web component to the server (API), which returns WAV file.
Server and the API are developed by me and I know it is working (it is used in other apps).

So here are my blocks on startup:

And here is the “most important button”:

But the weirdest thing is, that it was working perfectly a few days ago… I have no idea what could be wrong…

If anyone has any idea, please let me know :slight_smile:
Thank you!

PS: If I have given to little information, let me know.

Did you try this ?

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You might want to read this:

You have to close the screen before opening another screen.

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Rogerio_Rios: I will definitely try this! I will share the results as soon as I get some information.

WatermelonIce: As I said I don’t think the screens are the problem. Because I am not switching between them programmatically. Only when the user presses the button.

Thank you!

I can’t post a new reply. I am getting an error “Please wait for other users to participate before replying” so I am editing my old post.
So I got the logs using “ADB logcat”. And this is a result. I am not sure what is wrong… Something about permissions?
In the attachment is a log file.
log.txt (9.4 KB)

Thank you for all your help!

Another EDIT

Hi guys!
Yes. It was a problem with permission. App stopped asking for permission for writing files… I don’t know why and how. But now it is fixed. Without logs, I would never figure it out.
Thank you all for your help!!


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