Error when opening with many screens

My app has 7 screens and when I install it, it opens and closes quickly. I did a test, deleted one of the screens, leaving it with only 6 screens. The question is: “Will it no longer be possible to have 7 screens or more?”

To find out what happens, use logcat


Please, should this debugging be carried out on all devices that will use my application?
I didn’t understand very well.

You do this on that device, which closes immediately
It might be, that the apk file is incomplete… see also



for sure the app is incomplete

Tats why they dont run??? and because they dont run, gettin a log file is impossible


Hello, Tony. My application is complete. It always worked. But after the update it no longer opens. And this happened without any changes made. I did some tests and, whatever screen was deleted, it works again, so the problem is not in the content of the screens, but in the number of screens. There were 7, I deleted 1 and it worked again, however, I can’t be without this screen, it is important for my project.

You are wrong, you always can get a log
In this case to find out what happens while starting the app and why it closes immediately


Hi Taifun,

I know its going to close when I see the download file size

If its smaller than expected, I cancel the download. No Point in wasting time.

When Its the expected size, I download it and it always runs perfectly

So there really is no need to analyze a small file. Its obvious that the compiler is either getting interrupted by something (maybe another call) or the faulty compiler took up my requests


Hey, Ive got 37 screens and when it compiles fully, I have NO HASSLE.


You have too much screens

typically a beginner’s lack of understanding of the difference between logic and data
noone really needs so many screens…

See also here Compilation failed, resource problems? - #4 by Taifun

And tip 1 here


Hi Taifun

Im sure you have followed my journey over the past 3 years with Kodular

Believe me when I say that I use Vertical Scrolls and fixed on all my screens to cut down on screens but the number of screens and extensions are NOT THE PROBLEM.

Believe me when I tell you that SOMETIMES IT COMPILES FULLY TO 9.7meg and the app runs like a bomb.

Other times it compiles short and DOES NOT RUN AT ALL

This is NOT A SCREEN / EXTENSION problem.

Its a server/compiler problem

Sorry, but 37 screens is just too much
Your app does have a general design problem

Here is another example from MIT about working with many screens

As a rule of thumb, you should not have more than 10 screens in any single app, and App Inventor will warn you when you attempt to exceed this limit.

Let me suggest you to redesign your app


Ok, Thanks for that.

Ive read the notes you sent and Ive pretty much already done everything they say

I use placeholder images and placeholder variables.

For instance the Screen1 is 2000 pixels long

I re-use one screen multiple times for different things and Ive reduced the PNG file to an absolute min.

I have seen degradation in developer as they say but then I know its a memory leak and I deal with it by shutting down.

The device I use is not a fancy device so there isn’t a real problem there but thanks for you advise and I will continue to reduce both extensions and screens where and when I can