10 Minute time out notification

Just a suggestion to @Kodular

Please can you,

  1. when you return the timeout to 1 house, change the notice to say as much

  2. Please can you put the FILE SIZE on the QR Code screen so we dont waste time downloading incompletely copiled apk files


today kodular build server is very stable more stable then android builder in fact

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Yes, I have noticed a big improvement. Its true. Obviously someone has done some serious work but improvements can be made.

It still gives incomplete builds and if the suggestions as abve were implemented we could see where the build server was breaking down


BUT Kodular CAN ONLY INCREASE the premium rate when we sto p getting undersize compiles that dont run!

Thanks for confirming that

Confirming what?

We released the update with AAB fix


Thats great… Thanks

but are you aware I am still getting a lot of small compile APK files that dont run?

Can you please try again now? And send me the APKs?

Send it in my DM as I haven’t received any email from you yet.

ok… Im trying again now

It just gave an undersize file of 8.39meg when it should have been 9.7meg

Does it work on the phone though?

no, I scan the QR with my phone and install the APK

If i see its undersize, it never runs. If its full size it runs perfectly

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