Problem downloading compiled APK (Error: Link has timed out)

I can’t compile download the APK file as the QR code or the link expires fast!

Compilation is taking more than 10min!

What would be the problem?

Perhaps you have a slow internet connection or a slow computer. APK builds are working fine for me.

QR codes expire 10 minutes after the build


My internet is very good. I can compile the APK… I can’t download the file, because the link times out in 10min!

I noticed a problem compiling Kodular. After clicking on “compile” the site loads the files, however, at this moment it is already counting the expiration of the link! That is, instead of showing the download link and only then counting the 10min, it is counting from the moment of compilation!

I suggest Kodular creators to have a longer link (up to 1 hour)!

Thanks for a clear description. I will look into it

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This is my internet speed:

Hi friend!

I’m still having the same problem…

A suggestion for Kodular: Leave the automatic download (without having to click on anything) after the APK compilation!

Because I’m waiting more than 15min to compile the APK file and I have to stay in front of the PC until the compilation is finished so I don’t “lose” the download file. Is very bad!

Or increase the download time to 1 hour (for Premium subscribers)! Please!!

This will take some time for Kodular to adjust… probably a few weeks in case they are fast…
Please be patient meanwhile…

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The question is: Why does it take so long for this project? How many screens, assets, extensions do you use?
How long does it take to build an empty project?
Did you try Firefox?

You might want to follow


Hi friends!

I can compile the APK. It takes about 11 to 12 minutes to compile… but it compiles correctly!

The problem is not in the compilation, the problem is when downloading the APK file (it expires before 10min)… check the time in the images.

QR code and link expire before 10min…

I suggest you leave the automatic download, so we don’t have to wait for the compilation to finish…

When I managed to compile, it was 9mb

You forgot to answer the questions


Im using 7 extesions and Firebase Database:


I have 9 screens:


Screen 1 = 474
Screen 3 = 820
Screen 4 = 27655
Screen 5 = 18

TOTAL = 29300

Im using Firefox

which means, imho Screen4 is the problem… is the system still responsive when you try to work in Screen4 or does it lag? do you follow the DRY principle

and use procedures and advanced blocks?
you also can try to split that screen into 2 separate screens to test if this makes a difference…


As I told you… the APK is created but I can’t download it! It’s simple.

I have no problems with the compilation! I’m having trouble downloading the APK as the link expires!

The system responds, it is a little slow, but I can change it…

That’s why I ask that you can switch to DOWNLOAD THE APK AUTOMATICALLY. That would be very useful instead of waiting for the link to click…

Ok, I understand. .


Ok friend! I’m expected! Thank you very much.