10 minute Time Out is the cause

To @Kodular

Your 10 minute time out is THE CAUSE OF SERVER OVERLOAD

Please extend the time or at least SET IT TO BEGIN after compiling - NOT AT THE START



finally someone said what i want to
because it takes more then 10 minute to compile i can only keep compiling untill it worked and put unnecessary load on the server

APK is compiled in Kodular for such a long time that when trying to download the result, it says “Timeout has expired”. And so I compile the same thing 10 times until I download it. Question to the administration. Why are you shooting yourself in the foot? Why load the server with unnecessary work? Increase the timeout.

Will be fixed. Increased the timeout period to an hour.


that might be IF the BUILD SERVER wasnt OFFLINE MOST OF THE TIME!!!

This will be fixed too at the same time.

and when can we look forward to that happening? Today? Tomorrow, Next week? Next month? Seriousy

EVEN IF YOU INCREASE THE PREMIUM TO $10/MONTH, people will pay provided the service is there.

Hopefully, in a couple of days!

can you explain why “in a couple of days”?

Why does it take a few days to do something that can take 5 minutes

Im not trying to be funny. Just asking

While I agree that it didn’t take me more than 5 minutes to make the change in the code, it takes more than 5 minutes to do the deployment.

So are you saying it has already been done and just needs deployment? (what does that entail?

Yes, that’s right

In that case, THANK YOU!

Im sure we all appreciate what you’ve done.

please can you expedite the deployment.

After so long, many of us are really VERY DESPERATE

I’m trying hard it to get it out ASAP. Meanwhile, also trying to fix bugs that we can push together in the same update.

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May I also mention another very disturbing thing.

The compiled APK files are often of different sizes for the SAME APP

When they are smaller, they simply crash and do not run at all

In fact I can send you two apk files of the same app and you can see for yourself

It might be worth waiting for the next update. Also, I would love to dissect the two apps.

should i send you three

1 x aia
1 x large apk
1 x small apk


Im going to share the google drive links to all three?

Send them in my DM here or email me at [email protected]

will do. Thanks

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