Kodular file, compiled in apk, does not work. Installed Terminates Immediately

Having recovered my memory, thank you for your help. As for the .apk file, I am left with a problem, which I do not understand and do not know how to overcome. I tried an app a few months ago and, compiled with Kodular, I downloaded the .apk file. I installed it and it worked fine. I left it alone to try another app.

The day before yesterday I resumed the app, which I left to sleep, I did not change any line of code, I did not add any line of code, I just redid the compilation to get the .apk file again. I installed it but it doesn’t work anymore, I click on the icon and finish without doing anything.

Excuse my insistence on this subject, which I raised last week.

Germano Maniscalco

As suggested use logcat

Is this a very large project with a lot of screens, components, assets?

See also Not building the entire app - #6 by Tony_Lange


I downloaded logcat but its way too complicated. Is there a step-by-step instruction out there?

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See here


Thanks for that

The problem as is that the app when compiled is undersize and while it installs, it does not actually run.

So I guess the question is of what use will logcat be if the apk itself is defective?

Thats the question

You already know what your issue is … 37 screens… and you already know, what needs to be done… use less screens, simplify your app… reuse your screens and blocks…dry - don’t repeat youself… use procedures and the advanced blocks…

Not everyone does gave the same issue. .
For others logcat can help to find out what is going on


Taifun, for sone reason, regardless of how nany times i repeat myself the message doesnt get through. The problem is NOT that the app doesnt compile, IT DOES but not consistantly. Most times it compiles, installs and bombs out and occasionally it compiles, installs and runs perfectly. Point being that if the problem was any one of the things you say it is, it would NEVER compile, but it does, sometimes so how does too many screens affect the app? Perhaps you could explain. Thanks.

It could be due to a buffer overflow.
You should no longer insist if your problem is due to bad practices.

Sometimes you are lucky and there is less server load, i.e. less people trying to build at the same time

You can continue hoping to have luck or


If I reduce the asset size, will that make a difference @Taifun

If I merge screens thereby reducing the NUMBER OF SCREENS isnt it the same thing. The amount of code doesnt change??

ahah… I agree. Its what Ive been saying all along. Server overload. So isnt that something that should be addressed?

Everything to simpify your app helps

At least some of those 37 screens are somehow similar, aren’t they?

Are you using procedures and the advanced blocks?

Did you seperate data and logic?

See also Building Apps with Many Screens


Ive taken your advice and reduced the number of screens from 37 to 21

Think it will help?



  1. What are “advanced blocks”?
  2. Procedures?
  3. Separate data? I use a lot of PHP if that’s what you’re asking


2 examples

See again Building Apps with Many Screens


thanks, yes to all :slight_smile:

Good morning, my app also worked normally until two months ago. I went to check it to see if everything was ok and it’s the same. Generates the apk but when installing it closes suddenly. I’ve already followed the instructions for the title of the screen, about the screen and nothing. Please someone help me…:frowning:
I’m going to post my aia and see if anyone can shed some light.
P.S.: I have already redesigned the extensions and followed the previous instructions one by one and nothing. It worked normally, there were no changes for two months, the generated compilation simply did not flow.
Error that appears in logcat: E/GPUAUX (9883): [AUX]GuiExtAuxCheckAuxPath:667: Null anb
SomosEnigmaPro.aia (7.8 MB)

I moved your post into another thread… please read the answers here and let us know more about your project
You can get some statistics about your project here https://unchive.kodular.io

Hello, my project is a free app to help people with anxiety and panic syndrome. I compiled and downloaded normally, I spent about two months without using the project and when I went to recompile to update the version, it generated the apk but suddenly closed it. I followed all the suggestions found here on the forum, but it remains the same. I posted the logcat result above but without success in finding solutions. The only thing I noticed different when I started using the platform again was a bug in the colors, no color definition is working, the platform freezes and doesn’t change the color at all. I reported the bug some time ago but it’s still the same. The only thing I noticed different was this.
Error that appears in logcat: E/GPUAUX (9883): [AUX]GuiExtAuxCheckAuxPath:667: Null anb

You forgot to provide the results of the statistics


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