Kodular blocked in India?

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And you want us to do what about this?

Can users from India please confirm that they are getting the same error message or not?


@Peter No, i have no issue. I am from India only… @BUNNY_POTLA Are you using any VPN?


I am also from India and I am able to access the website , no such error at my end

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@BUNNY_POTLA try putting https:// before the url

I am also able to access all of kodular websites properly @Peter

I also face this issue sometimes with other sites, just refresh few times and you will be able to access it. May be this problem arises due to ISP

Some times it’s opening and some times it’s comming and I’m not using any vpn also

Yes sometimes comming and while I refresh it it’s showing error

it may be problem with your network side too. I am using Jio network and sometime bsnl. Suppose if your network registered this site as blacklist then you will get such message.

Some user coming error and some users not coming error and I’m not using any vpn also

kodular community is coming and the kodular is not coming


Try this

I had added kodular as book mark then https:// would not be added while i added bookmark

open this website and see if its opening or not

Im able to access some times and I’m not able to access some times

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I’m also not able to access kodular website’s some times @Peter

working for me too
i am from india

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I repeat this is not kodular problem. Better change your network and try. Read your error… If not use VPN and select desire country and work