Kodular builder not working, is anyone facing such problem? How to fix it?

I’m trying to export my app from past 2 days and I’m getting ‘Build failed, error writing to server’
Is anyone facing the same issue?
Kodular team please fix this asap.


i also face this error

I am also facing the same issue but in my case, I am able to download the app but extensions were not working in the app.
I think it’s because the servers were down. https://status.kodular.io/
Admin should do something because servers were down for the past few days.
@Kodular Please look into it

@CristianAPROK it’s not about companion its about apk builder

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This has nothing to do with companion, build servers are down. Be patient and soon will be up again

@dora_paz exactly
I have a question for you too

If the build server down does external extensions don’t build properly. As my app got built but the extension wasn’t working.

Maybe the problem has to do with the extension ? May I ask which extension is it ?

Extensions were FileTools by Sunny & TaifunFileTools by @Taifun
I tried both extensions one by one, both were working fine in companion but in build app they weren’t.

It would really help if you provided a screenshot of your relevant blocks, so we can see what you are trying to do, and where the problem may be.

To get an image of your blocks, right click in the Blocks Editor and select “Download Blocks as Image”. You might want to use an image editor to crop etc. if required. Then post it here in the community.


Query Solved

what about revealing the solution to your issue then?