Build error while exporting app


Since 10 minutes i get this error while exporting my app.
“Build failed! Error writing to server”

It seems that the builders are offline.

Does someone else also have this problem?


Please wait patiently for the build server to come back online. :slight_smile:


It seems like the builder is working again :grinning: Why are the builders so unstable the last few days?

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Maybe they are preparing for the upcoming update

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can’t wait! :grin: @one_10_production

I have the same problem. Did you find any solution?

Welcome to the community, servers are down. Please be patient and try again later :slight_smile:


thank you for that answer. but until when this will keep happening and happen again … the same repeated questions and answers … i hope the builder server has a backup server option …

I get the same, I can’t compile my apk

No one knows otherwise there would have been a definitive answer by now.

Stop asking then. It makes no sense to keep asking the same question over and over hoping to get a different answer.

We all want it to work but until it does there is nothing we can do except be patient.


i never asked … i just complained

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That will definitely speed things up.

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today I got errors many times when exporting. Is it just me or is it someone else also experiencing it?

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It’s not only you. Even I’m experiencing the same issue. It’s little urgent for me to compile the apk as I’ve to show it to someone. But cannot do so owing to this issue :frowning_face:

keep on trying to export your app
it will be exported after some tries

Thanks. Will try it when this issue arises again the next time.

It doesn’t work. I’ve tried many times. Kodular, please kindly fix this issue.
Thank you.

Please don’t make more topics the query is cleared.

@moderators please close these kind of topics.