Server busy error when exporting (Build Failed, Error writing to server)

Any success?

Dear Kodular
Please take this problem into account and solve it asap(today itself if possible).
We need to export our apps into apk files.

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I haven’t been able to build an apk for hours. :confused:

Don’t know why Kodular don’t reply ?

Maybe something happen to the staff

One of the libraries we use in the buildserver is causing trouble when handling certain build requests, and this causes the entire server to go down till we manually restart it.

We have a patch for the bug which should be out in the next release of Kodular (many features are scheduled to be added to Kodular in the next release, some of which depend on other features of Android, which is why the update is taking a lot of time. However, once the transition to newer Android technologies is complete, it should be much easier for us to release future updates)

Thank you for your patience


Thank you Vishwas, it’s always good to have an update to understand what’s going on

Thanks, atleast somebody told us what is the error. When do we expect the bug to be solved, means a estimate date

We’re still working on some issues related to the AndroidX migration. Some components like the YouTube player are broken and need further investigation to resolve underlying issues.

It’s these minor bugs that are holding up the release, and unfortunately, I do not have a release date as of yet.


Can not only 1 or 2 compiler gets ok or can you make a time slots for exporting apps

There is one solution I figured it out just now, Try exporting continuously.
it worked at 10th try for me

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No wonder I can’t build when you do that…

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LoL, i just did that once just to if i shoot continuously at least one of the stable builds might take the request.

Maybe this should be made into a banner on the home page.


reload the page and then export, it works for me


If it would have worked then these much posts on this topic would not be there.

Would it be possible to add a “Watchdog” to restart the server automatically? (temporary solution)


Will it be possible to roll back to the previous stable builds and start the machines?

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Please try it fast. Till the error shows i cant export the file

Question: Is it not possible to launch an external compiler for download, since it is possible to export the aia to the computer?

This would make the devs who still trust the kodular (like me) not be so dependent on a system that has more and more frequent errors.

Yes, I know that Vishwas said that they know what the problem is, and that it will be fixed. But he also said that there is no forecast for that to happen.

And who guarantees that future mistakes will not happen?

An external compiler would be excellent for everyone, including the Kodular team, and unless there is a plausible justification for not doing it, I think it should be done.

Today the situation is more ridiculous than ever.

I’ve tried more than 100 times to compile and the frustration is always the same.

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