Kodular Community Apk Improvement needed

Hello Everyone

I have just downloaded Kodular Community App(Apk) from Kodular Community website in mobile. After installing it I saw it takes maximum 12 secs to be opened as it shows splash screen for 12 secs then it opens. So I request Kodular to set the splash screen timing to 7 secs.

If you will allow me to create that so I can create that.

If allowed then say yes.


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What I know of, Kodular doesn’t have Kodular Community Apk


The app you downloaded is discourse Progressive Web App , it isn’t kodular community apk, because there isn’t one :sweat:
See here:


No there is an app if you will open Kodular Community with mobile then it will ask to download that app.

I can share its apk
Do you want it

From where you got it? i know that when you open the website it asks you to download the community app, but this isn’t a normal app it’s:

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Oh I downloaded the web app but I shared it so it got converted into apk

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Should I share its apk

Any one can download it from the community web site, no need to share it.

Why this is a solution :thinking: It isn’t related with changing the splash screen duration.I’ve unmarked it.

Ok :ok_hand::ok_hand::blush::blush: as you wish

For me it’s 5 sec​:thinking:

for me 0.5 seconds

I also know that but when I shared it so it got converted to apk

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