Kodular Companion App Bug

Describe your issue :

When Kodular companion android app is installed for first time, the Spotlight starts to do its job and after wards when spotlight function finishes the Keyboard doesn’t open on clicking the box where you can enter QR CODE to connect companion.

But i have seen that if the app is closed and re-opened again this issue doesn’t seems to apear again.

Steps to reproduce the issue

To reproduce this just install the companion app from google play store for first time and you will see.

App version

1.3 Darco

Uninstall your app and install again

I tried it and it works perfect for me.

It’s not working on ours

As kodular team said now they can connect of use companion without on same network
Now I’m on same network also not working companion

Companion does nothing :sweat:

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It will take some time to download things.

Don’t spam.
We look into it.

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its happen with me also in my app not companion, the keyboard is shown after i close the app and after i open it again it works fine

is it just my companion who can’t work right now? since last afternoon
plz help me


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