Kodular Creativity - UI Designs, Animations, and Blocks

That just looks like a webviewer tbh :rofl:

I am probably wrong

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I think the same because in Kodular, we can’t change the elevation shadow color of any component.

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Yes 100% true, that is what me too thinking @FahadAhmad

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@craziks1 pls don’t post web views as creatively

I noticed this because I was in search of

for a few days now but didn’t find any solution.

There is actually a topic, which i found long back

Maybe in future it’s possible.

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:rofl: think outside the box

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WDYM? It’s a webview.

Means , sometime use coding

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That means you have made the website? If yes also this topic is about “Kodular Creativity”. :slightly_smiling_face:
But the UI was Superb.

:open_mouth:No, never,i haven’t made website

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How’s this?

Good Night Guys. Happy and sweet dreams.



U2 :heart:

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Most of the time was spent searching for fonts, 35 mins :expressionless: the I downloaded 1 font then I used it, then I saw it, then I deleted it :flushed:


I made a bottom navigation design
See here




Awesome Design & UI super great

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Navigation with popuo menu and curved cards

Demo video

Give your suggestions

See originall thread

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GOOD ANIMATION, :grinning:

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Thanku for appreciation :heart:

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