Is my opinion right?

Hi all,
First of all i’d to sorry everybody if this post hurts you but its my point of you…
Please do not be offensive

As these days i have observed that most of the new guide that is uploaded on community is mainly related to Layout of list

here are some example may be some of them are old…

You may also see this

As you can see that most of the above mentioned guide are based on same logic with little changes…
I appreciate you work but creating something new is more appreciable
I hope you understand what i want to say…
In short way we can say filling such a great community with such similar post not sounds good…

By the way here is some which is appreciable but both the guide is created by same guy!

in both of them there is some new logic…

So guys isn’t good to create such a topic where everyone can post there creativity of lists…
As there will one best benefit of that and i.e. all the list will be gathered at one place and used don’t need to roam around whole community…
there will be more benefit of this that it will decrease chances to get #discuss #help new topics for creating any list layout , also the new guide for list will not be created again…

as i would like to request all koders and @KodularCreator to see on my concern and take an action on it…

like there is a topic for ui that everybody can share there UI

So there must be similar topic for that too…

May i Create topic on that to share your lists layout?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Let the Kodular decide

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Voting option updated!! Vote again!!

Your concern is right but everyone make their apps (okay with similar logic) but they only wants to help everyone to better understand of dynamic blocks and they contribute for kodular community.

But as you can say that kodular has to merge these topics is right sometimes it’s very annoying when see all posts similar.

And i think this thread is good to see and improve our UI .

That’s my opinion

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but if we merge these topics then it will not be

but said that we must have similar topic like that for lists

First, these guides represents different type of lists which people need.And i saw many people saying these guides are helpful…Maybe some of them are alike …But from my point of view, they really helped me…That’s my opinion…Second you mentioned my guide two time even it’s not related with lists…And saying that it is a list in the title was a fault and it was corrected…It’s Dynamic image view :grin:

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Those are guides…What you are saying is an off topic for each one to represent their list ui…

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i don’t know how i added that wait removing it…

logic is same with some changes

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Category can’t decide the value of any topic isn’t it?
As following topic is also #off-topic but i love it
Kodular Creativity - UI Designs, Animations, and Blocks

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I really like your idea but the thing is even-though all the topics you quoted looks similar but there are some uniqueness in every topic(it may be big/small, it may be in UI, It may be in logic, etc). In this case every topic creator wants that this uniqueness should be represented in his/her own way separately. Also everyone wants that there should be atleast one topic representing their own work and where he/she can solve doubts related solely to that topic. And hence they create the topic.

Moreover every topic comes up with queries or doubts. Now in this case if all the topics would get merged then it will create chaos of questions/doubts and no one will able discuss/receive a satisfactory answer. Just imagine you have some doubt with list views created by Maayur. Now you have asked Maayur about this in the topic. Meanwhile Zia would answer someone’s query that was asked related to suppose Custom dynamic Circular Image Icon list. In this case everyone will receive unnecessary notifications.

This is not the case with the topic related to UI because in that topic everyone is free to show their creativity. The asking of doubt and other similar things is negligible there.

This is what I think.


here i also gave that these shows uniqueness

Not uniqueness but some changes…

but creating topic of same logics with some changes not sound good but i have something to show you!!

Both post mentioned above is my post i wanna say that some people know me for that tab animation…

Oh Come On if every list is of same logic then anyone can help there

Possibly even zia or maayur any of them can help because logic and concept is same…

even for every of my topic i get pm for issues

And that is termed as uniqueness.

If you go through each topic(which you have already did) then you may see that even though logic is same but arrangement of blocks is different. So we can even learn from that

Tell me if in future when you complete the tab animation, if you feel that you want create a guide for that, then will you choose that same topic(related to UI creativity) for updating the guide? or will you create a different and unique topic where you can mention all the hard work you did, all the logic you applied, etc? Of course you would choose the second option.

Likewise whenever a new topic is created, it comes with some explanation, some unique content which is necessary to be represented seperately. For example suppose I have created a topic on list. Now while writing about that topic I will not say that as this have similar logic of Maayur’s, so please visit that topic linked above if you want details and explaination. I ofcourse need to explain what I did, how I did, etc

I am not saying about helping others because in that matter Kodular community stands above all the similar communities. What I am telling is of representation, content, explaination, etc which would not be possible if all the topics get merged…


There’s a difference between a guide and a showcase. Users look for guides expecting a set of steps they can follow and a place where they can ask questions about said guide. A showcase is different in that it can contain multiple pieces on display where the discussion can be about more than one piece at once.

By merging all guides into a single topic, we risk making it harder for the user to follow along. While the core logic of all such guides might be similar (using dynamic components, JSON/dictionary data structures, etc), they are not identical. That is an important distinction because users cannot switch from one guide to another midway as they are not interoperable. IMO, having all guides in a single thread only makes it more confusing. We’re already seeing this in the dynamic extension megathread where multiple queries get mushed into one linear thread.


Literally I Will but if that is also base on same logics and concepts or nearly related to it…
for example

I’m mainly focusing on list layout

And tell me if you think that tab animation work is related to that then i’ll post it there…

Tab animation is your creativity and to show that creativity, the UI topic is best, but to explain that creativity you need to have a different topic I think. Hope you understand.

And for this :point_up: the blocks were simple, less and self explanatory hence there is no need to create a separate topic. But if you wished you would have created the same at that time. No one stopped you.

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As all the topic listed above is

As no explanation was there for why that arrangement and so on?

As you can visit all the link you may observe that it sounds like they are giving fish instead of telling how to fish?

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That’s is the work of Guides.
I think you can publish a guide if you created something new and can be helpful to others.
Above idiom fits best on some 'so called ’ YouTubers who create apps using these guides and post aia on YouTube.
But their first priority should be to teach viewer that how a particular thing works.


I think @Vaibhav already explained well, and @Vishwas mentioned why it can’t be merged. let’s not go further. There are meanings for heaving those guides and hope there is no need of further explanation.

Those topics might look similar, but the logic/blocks are way different.
Thank you for your idea btw.