Kodular / Firebase Error

Hello I’m from Brazil.
I am making an application for the teenagers in my church and almost finishing the application, I went to do some tests and returns this error to me: “Previous Value was Empty Error # 1150”.
I thought it was something from my app, but I did another project, simple, just 1 field and a button and it gives the same error.
I do not know what to do. I’ve searched everywhere, here on Kodular, on the internet, nothing …
Help me please.!

Erro Kodular|690x244

Because the value in that tag is either empty or not a list.

Fala mano vou responder em ingles aqui pro pessoal entender tbm hahahaha

Do not use the change project bucket before the append value block (maybe this is your problem)


to change the project bucket, do something like that…

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Não tentendi… o que devo fazer? não sei o que significa esse bucket…

I didn’t try … what should I do? I don’t know what this bucket means …

If you don’t know what the project bucket is, it would be good to see some tutorials on how the firebase component works…

You’re using the Firebase component.
To use it you need to fill in the API data and the url…


And depending on how you have organized firebase, the project bucket would be like the main node that contains the data you want to obtain.


For this firebase example if I want to change the value of “playstop” I would have to indicate where it is, and that is done with the project bucket


Sorry for the late reply but it would surely help koders who are facing this issue,
This will help you,