:Kodular: Kodular HTML Tricks

Thanks For Your Suggetion I Have Implemented del tag in guide. We can make text bold and italic with built in functions of kodular creator therefore not added your other tags

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And that’s where you are thinking wrong. You should add them because this way you can make part of your label bold, italic, underlined, etc. And don’t forget subscriptand superscript. And that you can give part of the label a different color.



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@Vedang why have you added the wiki tag if this topic is not a wiki?

How to make a wiki?

This is not the question, but that you want to vary this within a text.

Btw, on the occasion, questions about text font size in HTML should also be clarified, see e.g. here:

What alternatives are there, eg like this:

<font color=red>normal text</font> or <big><font color=blue>big text</font></big> or
<small><small><font color=green>small text</font><small/><small/> or <big><big><big><big><font color=purple>bigger text</font></big></big></big></big>



shouldn’t it be </small> instead of <small/> (Idk much about HTML)


Boban is right, you have some seriously good vision
Nice spotted, you are right.


with <small/> it just makes it extra small

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I thought you are saying that I was wrong.
Or did I?

Never mind just don’t make it #off-topic

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this is a secret message hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahha

Yes i can just zoom in lol

Of course, eagle eye. :wink:

now? :rofl:

You just put a space or empty text
How can I see it
Edit: wait i looked in the chrome dev tools…

Wait wait we are too #off-topic

Thnakyou good information.

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Also we can create fractional expression :wink:

I tried it on a button, but I think it will also work on label.

One more :point_down:


This is the most exciting topic I have ever found on Kodular. Sorry its a very personal opinion about being excited. Thank you very much contributors and Thank you @Kodular for making this possible to us at no direct cost to us.

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I have tried many times earlier. The ‘table’ doesn’t work in label. Exact same code pasted. The result looks more like CSV (without comma :yum:).

Sorry for that i have tested it in a webviewer not in lable it’s my mistake