Kodular List to Json

I need to convert a Kodular list to an Array Json list

(a b c) to ["a","b","c"]

How to do this without having to use a For Each block to browse the list and compose manually?

This would help me but I can’t find it on Kodular anymore:

May be you can try with Dictionaries.

JsonUtils component was removed because Dictionaries are introduced.

Also, you can use Json Tools extensions.

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Maybe help You:

I tried all of these that you mentioned and couldn’t find a solution.
Can you give me an example?

Did you Read Topic that I posted ?

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Yes, i would have to do something like this:


But I need the value that is inside the object to be able to make a PUT in Airtable.
I need this in text form.

Something like this is returning:

I only need what’s inside the key, but if I use the Get Value For Key block it converts it back into a list.

I need plain text of the value that is inside the key

Seeing the result of this Dictionary component, I am now thinking of using only Dictionaries for all this manual work that I did!

This way I could compose my Json with blocks and not with text as I did.

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@Rogerio_Rios i need compose this:

  "fields": {
    "Name": "Paulo Vendedorino",
    "Companie": "Nova Empresa",
    "Phones": [
    "Categories": [

But I don’t know how to compose the elements of the array, in “Categories” for example

Maybe :

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I managed, just pass a list on the Value that it converts.

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