Kodular slows down, Kodular slow

Install Firefox, it is the solution that now is on fire. :smile:

:fire: :fox_face:

Kodular must work with other browsers as chrome, but now it doesn’t work fast.

Why is Kodular running so slow now?

I checked out Kodular Fenix (v1.5.0) Bug Tracker before creating a new topic

all the click does not work and if they work then click run very slow and i am sing chrom browser

all click works but vdry slow due to this we facing many problem

run fast

lack problem

all blocks


Hi, I’m having performance issues even on a blank worksheet. Menus are slow to load, transitions are laggy, and Animations are slow and freeze up. What is the reason of this? There was no such problem before. Will this problem be fixed when I buy premium?

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Same thing happens to me.
Brave and Chrome struggles to load the page correctly, all animations are laggy, freezes.
Only Firefox is able to display the page properly.

use safari browser then your problem will be solved.

why Kodular is slow down from couple of days in Pakistan?
anyone know the reason?

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Use firefox browser

I’m using ChromeOS Flex

Yes slow on chrome. Use Firefox.

use safari browser then your problem will be solved 100 %

its is not slow in specfic country. maybe some internel issue.

I checked out Kodular Fenix (v1.5.0) Bug Tracker before creating a new topic

The Block tab in creator is very Laggy since few days and it’s very annoying

it was normal few days ago

very laggy since few days and it’s very difficult to place blocks and scroll

images can’t be shown

Problem in creator.kodular.io not in android

There is already a topic about this (with a solution) so there is no need to spam the forum by creating another topic. Please search the forum before creating unnecessary topics.

You can tell me this normally i am not threating anyone here so i don’t think you can be rude with me

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And forum is for discussion and doubts only

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  1. Make sure you have low ping on your internet connection.
  2. Use Firefox and nothing else.
  3. Keep the number of components reasonable in one screen and STOP copy pasting. if must have a lot then use dynamic components.

There’s no rudeness in my answer to you, just facts.

True, but before creating a topic you should search the forum as others may have had the same doubts as you and already discussed them. It’s not a good idea to have multiple topics about the same thing. Having one topic with a solution is best so that people who have a doubt can search for it and see the solution.

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I’m trying to log in my kodular creator account, the project is loading but it is nearly impossible to use it, when the projects loads and I try to go to the block section or change the screen if sometimes it loads, then it doesn’t work smoothly, earlier this month it was working buttery smooth, is there any bug, or something else.