Kodular still has compatibility issues with Appybuilder projects

As per announcement, Kodular is now compatible to handle Appybuilder projects. But, it seems it’s not yet! Error: Components were not found while importing project.

Where they said that?

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What the conclusion comes out if we read whole 1.4.2 release notes?

I didn’t find anything about “compatibility” in 1.4.2 release notes post.

So they never said that Kodular is supporting AppyBuilder projects without any issue.

How if I could not even import project?

I guess this post should be in Discuss section. Let me change it’s category.

It is just for commission and this is still not means compatibility issue has been fixed.


I am trying to import appybuilder project to kodular , but i got nothing. no error, no dialog nothing…
can anyone tell me how can i import appybuilder projects to kodular plz…

You could start by giving more info of what components you use and if you can post your aia here.

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We have not done any announcement yet that we have done the support for imports.

Downloads.aia (2.1 MB)

this is the project i made in appybuilder and uploaded it to playstore after build 6 months ago.
Now admob is showing policy violation occured. So, i decided to remove admob from my app.
appybuilder is not working, they said they are teaming up with kodular. So, i tried to import that same project in kodular. But it is not importing the projecting with out giving any error message.
help me…

What components and extensions have you used in your apps?

no extensions
components: decoration, location sensor, scroll arrangements, clock, activity starter, audio, webviewer, labels, file opener, html files as .txt, html viewer

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