How to import an appybuilder project to kodular?

guys i need help. when i tried to import an old appybuilder project to kodular. it shows some error like “Unable to find component AdMob”.

Delete admob component from your appy builder project then import it.

Later you can add kodular Ad mob component

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appybuilder redirects to kodular page. so how i can delete component without opening project in appybuilder

Without opening the project download it and remove it manually by using win rar.

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There might be other components which are not available in Kodular.
Check it using Kodular Unchive

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. i dont see any component to remove. CherryPicker.aia (148.8 KB) This is project file. can u help me with this.

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CherryPicker.aia (148.8 KB)


thanx for the aia. can u tell me how do u fix the error? it will helpful for fixing other project files also.

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