Kodular's Performance Dip: An Observation and Call for Action

Over the past 90 days, we have observed the performance of Kodular’s Build server. Notably, in the recent 10-12 days, the server has demonstrated a significant decline in its performance, as evident from the status page. One might question the reasons behind such a deterioration in the server’s functionality. Is the Kodular team not aware of this ongoing issue? Or perhaps there’s been a waning trust in the Kodular platform?

Kodular stands out as an exceptional platform for app development, and it’s essential for its team to manage it with the utmost professionalism. It’s worth noting that in July of the previous year, they rolled out a premium plan, positioning themselves as a premium service provider for app development. While constructing a robust and efficient service might be a prolonged process, it takes only a short span to undermine its reputation. This observation is intended as feedback, emphasizing the importance of prompt action and remediation.

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that’s true, I am frustrated now.