Kodular's position in not meeting the demands

Please tell us about updates of App Inventor + Kodular Planned Collaboration


Obrigado pelas atualizações

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I totally understand that

A bug that has been happening since they implemented premium on the platform is:

When we import an aia project, the previously saved colors cause errors and cannot be changed unless the user opens the file and changes the properties.

It appears that the block download function stopped working in the API 33 update.

We also have the outdated OneSignal SDK, causing us to pay US$18 for an extension.

I would like this to be corrected.

In addition to the Unity Ads SDK, it was my method of monetization in my apps, but the SDK is outdated and I have to pay US$10 for an extension (whereas US$1 is equivalent to 5.1x the value of my money)

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Thanks @pavi2410 for taking care of kodular, could you tell us what was fixed apart from the build issue?

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  1. Fixed the AAB compilation.
  2. Added missing permissions when interacting with Storage.
  3. Increased the build timeout to an hour.

Love you @pavi2410 (THE ONE MAN ARMY)

Hoping more updates from you! <3


Orientation Error (Unable to lock orientation on portrait)

App crashes if I use SMS utilities component

these things needs to be fixed too!

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@pavi2410 Thank you for updating Kodular. If possible please update in App Billing component. It is already deprecated.

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Since they updated the platform 1 month ago, I have this error:

I wonder if they have identified it, since it apparently has to do with lost app inventor standard libraries. thanks

@pavi2410 You forgot to update the rekease notes

Also what about the companion app? Did it receive the new permissions in the latest update, too? However the latest companion app version in Google Olay is as of Oct 16, 2023. .


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Im waiting for number 2… please fix it as soon as possible… thank you kodular

Emm yes, Is here the new update. You can only must export new ABB.

I am need update sdk for billing.
Firebase otp.
Fix One signal.



@Diego typically does that

It might have been in review

can you please include the companion apk in the pinned topic so i dont need to download from third party site like apkcombo

Is there any plan to update the component InApp Billing or i’m forced to buy an extension?

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I believe that koduler last version have custom rom users compatibility issue. I kindly request you to please take a look the the matter.

please describe the issue or any image about the issue in the custom rom

Please check it