Your device isn't compatible with this version even after sdk 33


I have released my games. But in play store it show “Your device isn’t compatible with this version.”

Android version: 13
Target SDK: 33

I was good when it released but automatic it show Your device isn’t compatible with this version. After some days.

What is the issue and how to fix it. I have checked it other devices also. The issue also there.


I recently discovered an issue with custom ROMs. When someone attempts to install the app from the Play Store using a custom ROM, an incompatibility issue arises.

This problem started after the Kodular 1.5C.0 update; there were no issues with Kodular version 1.5B.3.

My app has three screens:

  • Screen 1 is a welcome screen with a timer set at 3000 ms. After the timer ends, it opens Screen 2 and closes Screen 1.
  • In Screen 2, I make an API call to receive JSON data. I use the JSON tool extension and Recycle List view extension to dynamically display the JSON data, along with an image caching extension.

When a user clicks the button in Screen 2, it opens Screen 3 and loads a WebView with the received value from Screen 2.

All the logic works as expected during testing, with no errors or warnings in the block section.

Currently, due to Koduler limitations, exporting as AAB is not possible. I export as APK, convert it to AAB, and publish the app on the Play Store.

The app is approved on the Play Store, and everyone can download and play it except for users with custom ROMs, who are experiencing the issue.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions on how I can fix this?

It is working now.

That’s great. Let me check

I build abb from koduler builder and publish the app to play store but the issue is still there.