Landscape App Rotation Problem

My complete app is landscape, so when i switch from one screen to another, first the screen orientation is landscape, then the screen orientation Portrait, then finally it screen comes to landscape orientation. It takes 1-2 sec for this process also looks unprofessional and there is sometime white screen too between this procedure.
And i am using Screen Orientation as Landscape Mode

See you can see my problem the this video -

Can someone solve this ?

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Show your blocks

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There are no blocks related to screen orientation, just select the option of landscape mode in deisgner mode of every screen

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Try to test your app after downloading

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Already did, and also tried many blocks too
See this -

But still don’t get the solution

The video i had posted is after i downloaded the apk file


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There are already some topics regarding this on community like this :point_down:

There may be more. Just try to search.


You can also use virtual screens(Layouts) instead of actual screens


Yes i tried everything and the topic you posted also didn’t provide the solution.

And i know to to use virtual screens, but that not i want bcoz i have lots of players and sounds components and wav recorders.

I want solution with many screens @Vaibhav

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And i never create a new topoc before trying everything and researching for days

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I never said that you didn’t searched, I just told you to search more if you are not getting what you expect.
And in case you didn’t get anything, I just provided an option to use virtual screens.

I didn’t comment anything related to what you know or not, as said earlier I just told to use it if possible

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If using many components in a screen is a problem for you, use dynamic components extension created by @yusufcihan

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Hmm okay now help me solve this issue, if possible?

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Actually i use many player components, because i want all the sounds when clicked at the same.time. And may be this extension will not help me to that with 1 player. I think its similar to procedure blocks.

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I know how to use all functions in single screen and this screen rotation problem will not come but as mentioned many times in this topic that i can’t use single screen because i have to use many player components in every screen to play sound simultaneously at the same time and there is a bug of u use more then 15 player components. Its also not possible to use procedure or any other extension to execute that function.

So i have to use 5-6 screen, now anyone has the solution for this or not ?

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Great that you know, so use it.:+1:

And ? Did you test it?

Yes i test it serveral times, as i told u there is a bug on player component and i can’t use single screen and these blocks are useful for single components

@Faraz_Firoz1 so do you found any solution for this problem ?

  1. Can you please tell us what problem (bug) occurs with the Player component(s) when you use virtual screens.

  2. Suggestion: make a copy of your project. Remove all but 2 screens showing the problem. Remove also all blocks except those that have something to do with the orientation (rotation) of the screens and post the aia here.