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Hello. I myself made an option field for the language option in such a design, but if the user chooses a language, he should continue with that language. For example, he chose the Turkish language and the Turkish language should be loaded on the other screens. How can I save and retrieve it?

You can follow this tutorial:

It will follow the system language, but you can make a way for changing the language on button click.

Or, you can make a dictionary in blocks and save it in TinyDB. This way you can switch languages on button click as well.

See also:

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I don’t have much text, I have 10-15 texts and I write it in blocks myself. Since I set the language options for 3 languages ​​only myself, how do I save the language options and continue with the selected language, how when the application is opened again, the data is received for the selected language and the user continues with the language he chooses. I need these

store the language selection in a tiny db. and when the screen is initialized, the saved language from the tiny db is loaded

Is there a blog example?

probably on the forum. I’m not at home right now, so I can’t give example blocks

I made such a system myself, but it was not successful.

What about the language selector?

Could you please post a sample block when you have time?

I’m honestly confused

I did as you said, got the apk, tried it, but it still didn’t work. The language I selected is not loaded when I open the app again

test(2).aia (12.3 KB)

But there is a problem. I am using not one but several texts here. Isn’t there a way to get the value by wrapping it up like a procedure?

I could do it thank you so much

There are so many solutions that can be done with blocks for multilingual applications.

I think it is easiest, when the application is installed for the first time, if the user’s native language is the same as one of your application support languages, that language is activated; if not, the general application language of your choice should be activated.

So written that way, it’s very easy to express this logical statement in blocks.

English is the default language in these blocks.

In the content of texts, the values ​​as text are default language values.

Thank you very much for your help. I handled this process with an easier and less block number method.