Language Translator App

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Please Guide Me…

I want to create Language Translator App.

So how can I create this app … Without Any paid API Or say a way that it will be totally free without any limit …

The Google Translate API has limitations, so is there a way where I can translate language without any unlimited limitations …

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Check this extension

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I have used this extension …

but after some time there is an error in this extension …

I think, it has a limitation This extension is connected to the Google Translate API …

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I changed your title. Please use a title that reflects your topic.

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@Mr_PRAKASH_THUL let me find some solution I have an Idea in mind if it works then you can use the app even offline

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Yes …:+1::+1:

Please guide

I use DeepL quite often. But you have to deposit a credit card & there is also a limit (max. 500.000 characters/month).

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