Layout header subtitle text colors how to change?i want simple video or pics

hi guys many times i try to searchon youtube for layout header subtitle color change but until now no anybody dont know how to change if anybody knows plz help me and show me through the pics or videos pllz

Make a custom title bar with unlimited ways of customising it the way you like.

i want blue color but i dont know how to change bcs there is no option

It is easy to make a custom title bar rather than using the default title bar of modular.

Just make your Title Bar visible to False And Implement Horizontal or vertical arrangement as title bar.

Congratulation then you will have your own title bar with much more customizations.

Implement a Horizonatal Arrangement

Make it width Fill Parent
And Change Background color of arrangement to blue.

if its possible can u just some in pics??

Just Create a Horizontal Arrangement
Make Its WIDTH fill parent
; Then
Set Label AsWell Any Component as your choice.

By The Way, Welcome To Kodular. You can try a few more times and if you will successfully get the result.

i want blue color for subtitle
and i want black color for title…plz tell me how i change

Its not title bar ,its slide menu bar. There is a option of changing label text.

If you have any problem then send me aia file.
i think you are very first to Kodualr.

plz show me how to change sliderbar header subtitle and header title text color …new1.aia (5.3 KB)

I have made a Vertical Arrangement as side menu with its width 70% . Tick solution if it is solution.new1 (1).aia (8.7 KB)

still u cant change color of slider header subtitle and header title color of layout manu… `check red pic i want

Have a look here…
It might help you…

plz tell em how to used blocks <Side_Menu_Layout1 Header Titile>

show in ur screen plz ![WhatsApp Image 2021-01-11 at 07.37.20|236x500](upload://qPERyO8yKWlYx1lff782jxWzcEv.jpeg) ![WhatsApp Image 2021-01-16 at 22.34.28|281x500](upload://psgqvWKPhB5RHu8uUyUlSNfPzfO.jpeg)

Please show images…

i want CAT text color Blue and Sun light Black