List available WiFi-Hotspots in ListView

Hi, i’m new in using kodular and very impressed about the possibillities!

What i wanted to do (and failed):

Listing all available WiFi-Hotspots in a listview
Therefore i installed the taifun extension and tried this:


Unfortunately i dont get the “done” message in the textfield and also not the list of WiFi-Hotspots.

Can you help me so that i get my first hello world experience :wink: ?

Best wishes

See below post. Have you tried example project provided by Pura Vida Apps. ? Did you test as apk ?

Ah, ok. I didn’t see the example. will try it, sorry.
And yes: I exported as apk for testing.

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I imported the example from Pura Vida Apps Page.
Unfortunately when i try to export i get an error

Cause i am aboslute beginner with kodular i don’t know what this error means and how i can solve it ;-(

Try with this aia. Provided aia was created with App Inventor and this is the reason you are getting those errors. I modified project settings in order to work with Kodular

availableSSIDs_Kodular.aia (35.5 KB)

Works perfectly, thank you!
I see: there is a lot to learn wit kodular but its great.
Would be perfect if also iPhone would be supported.

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do you also have a kodular-version of the wifi.aia example of puravida?
Same problem: I imported the example and got an error ;-(

Would be great, if you could share the kodular-version (if you have one)

Best wishes


wifi_kodular.aia (39.5 KB)

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thank you :wink:
Export and Installation works but when i try to connect to my wifi it says “Wifi is disabled, can’t connect to …”.

if i then click on ENABLE Button it says “Wifi enabled”.

When i again try to connect it again says “Wifi is disabled, can’t connect to …”.
So it seems that WIFI is NOT enabled after clicking the enable button (althought the enabled message ist displayed).

I have Android 10, can this be the problem?

Best wishes

Yes, next time please read developer’s description - App Inventor Extensions: WiFi | Pura Vida Apps

Image taken from Pura Vida Apps

Oh, ok, sorry ;-(
Does that mean that from Android 10 up theres no more possibility to build up a wifi-connection with kodular? is there any alternative option to puravida taifun extension?

And again sorry, i missed the android notice at puravida website.

Best wishes

You could try activity starter solution as the developer suggests

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