List in list form

hello every one,
How to create a list in list ???

Can you explain, what you want to do exactly?

x=(2 (3 1))
I want to create an x list, which contains two items
The first item is a number (2) and the second item is a list (3 1 )

Then just use make a list block.

In that first list item will be 2
And second another list which is also make a list block with two list items 3 and 1.

That’s it.


i want to select first item of the inside list
will return error

but its working

x1 a1 b1
x4 a4 b4
x3 a3 b3
x2 a2 b2
All I want is to arrange this table based on column x and then choose any of the a or b for the x after arranging it

Show your blocks please. How can we possibly know what you’ve done?

It works for me:

To set the item of the sublist:


You can use dictionary instead :point_down:


Here :point_down: is a nice example by @Taifun which can help you I think

How to create a nested listpicker

Go through it once :+1:


Thank you it works for me too

Mark the reply as solution, which helped you to solve your query @sherif


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