Appearance of items of ListPicker by "for each item" in list block , need help!

I want to see the text_items of ListPicker like this ( items_texts ) in open & close brackets. listPicker_2Bbrackets|464x208
When ListPicker is clicked, its items appeared but not with open & close brackets as shown in pic.
How should I correct it to see ( items_texts ) ?
Thank you.

Make a new list for that, like this, for each item in list, (list which you have) add items to the list (use new list) items, ( each item ) as your blocks text joint, then set that new list for elements

You mean after picking you want to enclose it in open / close parens?

@nmyint1999 what you are doing (in your attached image) is not efficient, because it occurs every time ListPicker opens. You should loop through initially and update your list.

Also, how is your list initially initialized?

Before picking I want to see the items in brackets.
I’ve made a question-list , globalQlist
the questions appear by clicking the ListPicker .
The questions seem not separated enough, so I’m putting (_) to each question.
But my block in the pic didn’t do it.

As I said, you SHOULD NOT do this in the “Before Picking”. Do it after loading the list picker

which block/activity would be after loading ?

I tested putting that “each item in list” block under screen initialize (before loading listpicker), but it failed too.
( ) didn’t appear.


What is this code supposed to do


@Boban, every time the list picker is opened, he is going through entire selection and updating each and every item (enclosing in parens)

Sorry but I still don’t get it


I’m trying to add " ) ( " to each item of Qlist. Then Qlist will be loaded into ListPicker1.

@nmyint1999 Did you see below?

yes, I’ve removed the “each item” block from Before Picking.
where shall “each item” block put?



Thank you so much! Direct hit to my need. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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