List picker and checkbox

Hello guys so I wanted to know if there is any way to make a list picker with several choices at the same time like a “check box list picker” because I need to click a button after the list picker appears and select several objects from that list (these same objects come from a spreedsheet so this list is kind of “dynamic” because I always need to add and delete elements from this list without changing having to change blocks).

If anyone knows something would be grateful ehehe :wink:

Have you tried anything so for or asking idea?

Please show what you have tried

I’m just asking because I had to search before doing something and the only thing that came up was a list picker with checkbox extension but it was paid and I wanted to see if there was any other way to do it.

Project and create your own list with the help of Dynamic Components extension. To be honest most of the app inventor components are useless, as they lack good personalisation.