List view scroll down loading item

I have created a list with 1000+ items. I want to show all of items in a listview. If i want show all the items at a time in a listview, it will slow down the device. Is it possible to show 15 items from the list every time an user scroll down ? (like fb newsfeed)

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Currently it is not possible (constant or async loading without lag) Add the listview’s items with a timer. It will slow down the device a little bit but not as much as adding items asyncly. (With for each list item block.)

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Or you can implement an add/more button on the bottom of your list (similar to Google page) then you set it to load other items starting from the index it stopped.

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What you can do is pagenate. So you set a counter for the list items, then you set the list view to show x - x+30. When you click more, it will be x+31 - X+60, and so on. You then refresh the listview based on the index numbers of the list that correspond to where you are in the view.


can you elaborate it with some blocks because its a unique idea and it will be vey helpful for community . or can also provide a sample aia file too.