ListPicker Title Text Color

I am finding a way to change the default Title text color of a ListPicker Component. Actually I have set the Theme As Light Theme for my App but it has caused the default Title text color black. I am disappointed by this. More it can’t be removed or hide at all.
Image Shows this phenomenon.

please help. could it be change in apk editor themes file. which property should be changed?

Have you seen list picker’s advanced properties ? Simply un ckeck Title Visible

Also read

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But I can’t replace with my own’s title aka horizontal arrangement.

Don’t understand what you mean , just change Title from properties


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Neither am I understanding


Sorry Moderators…


I am interested in changing “Title Bar Text Color” not Title Bar Color. Question is very crystal clear. The word “Submission” in my above pic is black and word “Hello” white in your example. I want to change it to white or or Replace with my owns.

Set Theme to Default from project settings

Yes I did the same thing but it has caused progress dialog to be dark themed!. Something that needs to be urgently fixed by the Kodular team.