Listview elements delete and add elements

Hello Koder,
I created a app there are add bookmark option And show it listview and user can delete list view elements for life time and again add bookmark!

1.But when i add bookmark any item and click delete it gone,when again click bookmark button then again show previous bookmarked item!!

2.when i added item in bookmark then close app and open again the all item are gone!

I searched in community but not solution!!

Post a screenshot of your blocks. Also in order this to work you have to use tinyDB

So many block!! Can you explain in your block!!

My app example:
Bookmark option! Many item in showing then any user click bookmark and its added bookmark section on listview and showing, then user easily delete it for life time,when again click bookmark then dont added previous item with new item! Dont gone without delete item with app open and close!

Note: i want user delete all item in one click! Then again user can added and deleted!


Post a screenshot of your blocks as I said. What have you tried so far?

Showing this error after select and delete item! And close app and open again item is gone

Post a test aia here that shows your problem

Can i pm you for aia?

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Yes you can