Listview - issue on android 6 and below

Hi there

My app uses listview to fetch data from airtable. I was working fine until yesterday on all devices with android 4.x and above. All of a sudden, it has stopped working on devices with android 6.x or below while it works perfectly fine on > 6.x. What could have gone worng? The app is available on playstore and people confirmed download and working until yesterday from the older versions.

Link to app -->

I’m gonna be honest with you, because quite frankly it’s 3:33 AM and I’m playing Fortnite :nail_care:t2:, but there’s not enough information for devs to know what went wrong with the listview… What happened? Are items not showing correctly like being misaligned? Is it crashing your app? Are there errors showing upon runtime (Runtime Errors - RE)?

The page where listview should list all the items from database remains blank. While it fills in on other device with Android 10.

I’m not sure if @Kodular uses an Airtable SDK or just API requests and if I knew, I’d help more, however they should likely look further into this issue since there’s more details available.

After hours of debug, I see following scenario emerging. I am using Tabview to have multiple pages with slide option. And by default I kept height and width of this component as automatic. And that works perfectly on > 6.x version. But it does not (only from last 30 hours). And when I change the height of this component from Automatic or Fill Parent to say fix 200PX, it starts showing me the list even in android with version 6.x or less. Strange I must say. Any observation from you all will be useful.