Problem with airtable [SpreadSheet]

I have phone version 4.4.4
I am trying to view some data from the airtable, but it does not work, and I try to do the latest version 10 phone and it is working fine
what is the reason ?

Maybe the kodular component you are use to show the value or result of Spread Sheet don’t support android 4.4.4.
Check the kodular component minimum android version supported.

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It supports version 4.4.4

Yes i know that, i’m sorry if my comment was not understood.
On which kodular component do you show the values ​​of Spread Sheet ?
Maybe there is the problem.

You don’t need to apologize

Where does it show

Yes, you show the values of Spread Sheet inside or in List View, Colin Tree List View, Dynamic Component, etc. Maybe the component you use to display the values ​​does not support android 4.4.4. Like Dynamic Component I don’t know the minimum supported android version.
I hope you understand me now. :wink:

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I tried to display it in List View, but it did not show :pensive: